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Team Software for Business Design

Our team software "Rapid Modeler" connects people in real time to develop strategies, services and business models. The system offers you instructions on how to visualize complex issues virtually – in your everyday work and consultancy surroundings. It basically enables everybody in the team to work together location-independently, simultaneously and on an equal footing.

  • Work with your colleagues on new strategies and business models.
  • Develop hypotheses and track the performance of your experiments.
  • Manage your agile innovation projects online.


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Register up to 10 users in each team – for FREE!

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Quick Start Guide & FAQ

Have a look at our Quick Start Guide (for Newbies) to quickly get you started on Rapid Modeler basics in less than 2 minutes.

If you need more information on how to use the software, check out our collection of answers to
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Interested in a customized version of Rapid Modeler?

  • Adaption of look & feel (e.g. your logo, colors)
  • Functional enhancements (e.g. Powerpoint export)
  • Integration in your IT environment (e.g. single sign-on)

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System requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Apple Safari 4, Mozilla Firefox 4, Google Chrome 2